Goodbye Apple Watch…for now

I’m giving up on my Apple Watch (first generation) and trading it in for a Fitbit Alta HR, arriving next week.  I bought the Apple Watch shortly after the 2nd generation was announced because my local Best Buy had it on sale for less than $200. While Apple has packed a significant amount of functionally into the design of the Apple Watch, for me it only served a couple of purposes:

  • Telling time (obviously)
  • Notifications (iMessage)

Occasionally I would use the call-answer feature when receiving a call and my iPhone was in my pocket.  But since most of my communication today is done with text-messaging, the call-answering functionally is just a novelty.

The main problem I have with the Apple Watch is that I rarely remember to wear it.  Because I have to take it off every night to charge it (on my nightstand,) I have to make a conscious effort to put it on in the morning.  Six days out of seven I forget to put the watch on.  Having to charge the Watch, take it off, and put it on, on a daily basis creates too much friction and hassle for the minimal benefits I receive from wearing it. 

The Fitbit Alta HR has a 7 day battery life.  That’s fantastic!  Sure, it won’t have Apple Watch’s neat watch faces, and I won’t be able to reply to messages directly on the watch anymore, but that experience is sub-par and most of the time I just wind up pulling out my iPhone anyway.  The Alta HR offers call, text and calendar event notifications – which is all I’m looking for.
Just like mobile phones have eliminated the need for most point & shoot cameras because “the best camera is the one that’s with you,” the Alta HR is the best watch for me because there’s 99% greater chance of me having it on my wrist on any given day compared to the Apple Watch.  Hopefully Apple figures out how to create a watch that can last at least 5 days.